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Our Excellence subscription provides tailored support for complex projects. Benefit from the expertise of David Sorce and a personalized approach for exceptional results.

-In-depth analysis of 15 project quotes: (for the same legal entity and a maximum of 3 projects)

- Cumulative amounts of quotes studied: up to 7,000,000€ exclusive of tax

- Advanced negotiations for significant reductions.

- Comprehensive examination of legal and contractual aspects.

- Priority access to our team of experts.

- In-depth negotiations to maximize savings.

- Review of warranty and dispute clauses.

- Comprehensive analysis of all your project quotes.

- Verification of the contractor's health.

- Telephone consultation on a dedicated line.

- Duration: 20 working days per project

- MEDIATION led by David Sorce for 5 cases per year

- Fees: Only on gains: 40%

- Annual subscription exclusive of tax: 7,700€


Price Options
€7,700.00every year until canceled
  • Suitable for companies with a construction, extension, or major renovation project, or fitting, looking to delegate the quoting aspect.

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